Weirder911Calls: The craziest, funniest, and most bizarre police calls from around the country.

Weirder911Calls: The craziest, funniest, and most bizarre police calls from around the country.

Weirder911Calls: The craziest, funniest, and most bizarre police calls from around the country.

If you thought that the 911 operator was just for emergencies, think again! These operators deal with all sorts of crazy calls, from people reporting their socks caught on fire to a man who wanted to order a pizza using the emergency line. Check out some of the funniest, craziest, and most bizarre 911 calls in this roundup. You won't believe some of the things that people have called about!


Here are 8 of the most pointless and amusing 911 calls ever.

1. The sock incident: In 2015, a Florida man called 911 to report that his socks were on fire. When the scanner picked up the call, the police dispatcher asked if he was joking. The man said that he was not and that his socks were "definitely" on fire. The dispatcher then asked if the man wanted police or fire units to respond. The man said that he wanted the police because he did not want his wife to see the firefighters at his house. When the police arrived, they found that the man's socks were not actually on fire. However, they did give him a pair of new socks to replace the ones that he had been wearing.

2. The hungry caller: In 2013, a man in Ohio made headlines after he called 911 to order a pizza. When the dispatcher told him that he had dialed the emergency number, the man responded by saying that he was hungry and wanted a pizza. The man was eventually fined for making a non-emergency call to 911. However, it's safe to say that he got his dinner that night!

3. The cat in the toilet: In 2019, a woman in Texas called 911 to report that her cat was stuck in the toilet. She told the dispatcher that she had tried to get the cat out herself but was unsuccessful. The dispatcher suggested that the woman call a plumber, but the woman insisted that police come to her home and rescue the cat. The dispatcher obliged, and police were dispatched to the home. However, once they arrived, they found that the cat had already freed itself. The incident was caught on the police scanner, and it quickly went viral after someone posted it online. The woman later apologized for tying up emergency services and said that she thought the police would be able to help her more quickly than a plumber.

4. The stuck truck: In 2017, a Wisconsin man called 911 to report that his truck was stuck in the mud. He told the dispatcher that he had been trying to get the truck out for hours but was unsuccessful. The dispatcher, who was probably used to dealing with more serious emergencies, could be heard laughing in the background as the man described his situation. The incident was captured on a police scanner and broadcast on a local radio station. The call quickly went viral, and people all over the world were laughing at the man's expense. However, it's important to remember that everyone makes mistakes, and there's no shame in asking for help when you need it. So next time you're stuck in a tough situation, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and give 911 a call.

5. The lost teddy bear: In 2018, a young girl from Canada made headlines after she called 911 to report that her teddy bear was lost. The girl, who was said to be about four years old, told the dispatcher that she had looked everywhere for the bear but could not find it. She even asked if the police could help her find it. Despite the police department's best efforts, the teddy bear remains at large. The young girl who reported the lost bear to 911 has been questioned extensively, but she has yet to provide any useful information about the bear's whereabouts. The police have combed the area and looked through security footage, but so far they have come up empty-handed. In a last-ditch effort to find the bear, the police have released a statement asking anyone who has seen the bear to contact them immediately. In the meantime, the police department has issued a BOLO (Be on the Lookout) for the teddy bear, and officers are patrolling the area in hopes of finding it. So far, there have been no sightings of the bear, but police remain hopeful that they will find it soon.

6. The snake in the bathroom: On a hot summer day in Kentucky, a woman called 911 to report a snake in her bathroom. When the dispatcher asked if she had seen the snake, she replied that she had and was afraid to go into the bathroom. The dispatcher told her to stay on the line and dispatched police to her address. When the police arrived, they found the woman outside, still on the phone with the dispatcher. She pointed them to the bathroom, and they found a large snake coiled up on the floor. They were able to safely remove the snake and turn it over to animal control. The woman was relieved and grateful that the police were able to take care of the situation so quickly. This incident was just one of many strange 911 calls that police receive every day.

7. The missing chicken: In 2018, a woman in New York called 911 to report that her chicken was missing. She told the dispatcher that she had last seen the chicken in her backyard and was worried that it had been stolen. The police dispatched a unit to investigate, but they were unable to find the chicken. However, the woman's call was picked up by a police scanner and was broadcast on the internet. The 911 call quickly went viral, and the woman became known as the "Chicken Lady."

8. The stuck toy: It's every parent's nightmare. You turn your back for a moment, and your child is gone. But what if, instead of disappearing, your child calls 911 to report that his toy is stuck in a tree? That's what happened in 2018, when a Pennsylvania boy called emergency services to tell the dispatcher that he couldn't get his toy down. "He then proceeded to tell me that he had tried to get it down himself but couldn't," the dispatcher said. Thankfully, the police were quickly able to locate the child and reunite him with his beloved toy. But the incident highlights the importance of teaching children how to use 911 responsibly. After all, you never know when a real emergency might arise.


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